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Young Beast Pirates.

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Reader: 'I'll embarrass the SBS!!!"

Oda: Uwaaaaaah!! It's been emmmbaaaarrrrraseeeeeeed!! That makes sense!! NO, IT DOESN'T
MAKE SENSE!l(cries)
(NOTE: The reader makes a little wordplay. usually the SBSs start with the readers saying "SBS WO HAJIMEMASU" with Hajimemasu being start, but the reader this time starts with "SBS wo Hajimasu" hajimasu being 'ashamed')

R: Odacchi tell me. The mouse "Chuji" that Osome-chan have looks identical to the mouse that Sanji made food for when he was a child! Are they relatives or something?
O: You remember it well-. Sanji's kindness can be seen by the fact that he is liked by mouses. They are not relatives but I felt relieved seeing that Germa hasn't taken Sanji when I saw a mouse identical to the one of that time liking him. However, Sanji has become stronger by "the power of science" that was manifested in his body. He also obtained "the power to disappear" but be relieved, this is something based on speed, he can't use this technique in the bathrooms.

R: I want to date Nami, can't you tell me her phone number!? In a way that Sanji doesn't notice
O: Yes. 7373-737373. Don't use a smartphone but a big dendenmushi! In the worst case, Sanji maybe the one going to you by tracing your phone's location tho.

R: Hello Oda-sensei! In chapter 1032 Yamato and Fuuga talked closely, since when are they so close?
O: About this, I wanted to draw it but there were so many battles that i couldn't do it in the end. As you can see about Fuuga, he has "the power of the horse". It's the result of when he was hungry, he stole a SMILE from Kaidou's room and ate it(laughs). Kaidou was mad and put Fuuga in a prison cell and the other Numbers laughed at him because of his weird legs. After going through those bad experiences, Yamato told to a crying Fuuga "But those legs are cool!!'". They became close after that.

R: Does Fire Dragon Emperor(Karyuu Udon) come from "Curry Udon"? Does King like Udon?
O: It is curry udon. His favourite food is flying fish sashimi but udon curry is also delicious!

R: Hello Oda-sensei! Why is Momonosuke so pervert when he is 8 years old? Is Oda-sensei the same?
O: The problem is, since when are kids perverts? I don't want to reveal it! If I do, they'll lose their "rights"!! It's okay kids! I won't speak!!

R: I've made you wait for 23 years!! Sorry!!! I've bought Cola!! Eh. What am I talking about? Oh~You told me in the SBS of volume 9 that you wanted to drink Cola~. I had already bought it but i forgot to pass it to you, here it is!!
O: Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhil? It's true.. T….Thanks. But after checking it says that the Cola's expiry date is only half year... No...!! I must drink it!! Okay!! gulps, gulps gulps cough!! falls...

R: I've searched in an english vocabulary the meaning of the word "snatch", it says "the act to seize(something like victory)". I couldn't stop thinking about the relation with the "snatch" from the samurais, so can you tell us about that?
O: Yes. Ehmm it seems that it has several ways of use in English but in Satsuma Domain there was a swordmanship called Jigen-ryu and they used to shout "Chest". There are various theories about the meaning but I like the theory of the sentence "Throw away your wisdom" being changed to "Chest". It has the meaning of empty your head and jump to your enemy but if I used the same word the world view would be weird so I used the shout of "Throw away your wisdom and name" as "Snatch"

R: Odacchi! Thank you for your hard work! I'm so curious about the appearance of the All-stars and Tobiroppou when they were kids that I can't build Yamato's figure! If you can please draw them, please!
O: It's unfortunate that you can't build Yamato's figure. Okay. But I've already draw Drake in the past so i won't draw him this time.

R: Tell me the PTA(Parent Teacher Association) you like and the one you hate.
O: The PTA I like is the one when I enjoy One Piece with kids!! The one I hate is... there is no way i would hate it~ smiles ❤️

R: Just as Law accepted that he is from the D clan, the "sworn enemy of gods" you should also accept that you are "the sworn enemy of PTA".
O: N000000~!! I want to be liked by PTA!! But I also want to draw the dreams of kids...!! Damn it..

R: Hello Oda-san!! Can you poop?
O: I pooped so much that I could see a town of Tokyo when I looked down!! Damn it..

R: Nin min. It seems that Raizou and Fukurokuju are rival ninjas but I want to know what happened betwen them. Ninnin.
O: Aah needless to say, I also skipped this(laughs). To put it shortly it's like this: The genious Ninja Raizou who has "Maki Maki no Jutsu" and has an outstanding physical ability, loved Fukurokuju's sickly little sister "Fukumi". At certain point Raizou saved Fukumi in a mission, and Fukumi fell in love with Raizou's reliable appearance and tried to kiss him, but the naive Raizou pushed Fukumi aside and she got hurt. Raizou couldn't look at her face and escaped. Fukumi ill in bed kept calling Raizou's name until she died. Fukurokuju mistook those words as grudges and it's said that his face and ears were stretched because of that... He promised to himself that he will not forgive Raizou for the rest of his life, and Raizou doesn't make any excuses.

R: Hello Oda-sensei. I've been selected to be a board member of the PTA next year(laughs). Me(laughs). It was a recommendation of the villagers so I'm grateful and want to do my best. - By Sanadacchi
O: Well, finally a PTA board member has appeared in this corner, it was worth it that i've been
doing this hea... SANADAAAAA!! TELL ME YOU ARE LYING!!

R: If the strawhats write a schedule of 1 whole month, what will be the most written plans?
O: To begin with, I think the only one who cares about "Days" and "Time" is Nami the navigator. Sanji also cares about "Time" and Robin about "days". They usually don't do birthday parties, they usually use something as an excuse to do banquets. Excluding "Guard duty" and "Steering duty' the answer would be "Free time" for everyone, laughs.

R: What's the food that Luffy and the others ate in Wano Kuni that they liked?
O: They stayed in Wano for quite a long time so it seems that they ate quite a few things.

Luffy: Oden
Zoro: Sushi
Nami: Oshiruko
Usopp: Saba Misoni
Sanji: Chawan Mushi
Chopper: Ichigo Daifuku
Robin: Soba
Franky: Tendon
Brook: Mitarashi Dango
Jimbei: Ochazuke

R: Odacchi heso(belly button). My heart sounds like "Dondottotto(music)! Dondottotto(music)?". Why? - By Jinbeigai
O: Eh...!? Don't tell me...!! Catch him!! Catch Jimbeigai right now!! Those heart sounds are high blood pressure!! Bring him to an hospital!!!

R: Why is Orochi still alive!? Does this mean that "Hebi Hebi no Mi" mythical model "Yamata no Orochi" have 8 lives??
O: Yes. If you don't cut his head 8 times he doesn't die! This is also his power! Annoying!!

R: Odachili!! Apoo is full body are instruments,
Head: Cymbal
Tooth: Piano
Chest: Drum
Left arm: Trumpet
Right arm: String instrument
And the instrument in chin sounds as "Paff". What are the rest of the instruments?
O: It's like this (picture). He has a triangle in his crotch. Okay this is the end. SBS continues next volume~~!
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